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SCTD is the Marketing Division for SCTDD and SCTBDC.

These two entities joined forces in 1982 to provide financing assistance for small businesses within the 13 county service area of SCTDD. The lending programs and impact of this relationship has grown over the years and had a lasting effect on the economic landscape of the District. In 1988, funds were awarded from EDA to create a revolving loan fund program to assist business in the communities. In 1992 another revolving loan fund was capitalized from USDA. Each of those programs has seen additional capitalizations since then, to increase access to capital for small business in South Central Tennessee. In 2013, the SCTBDC loan fund was established. Collectively, these revolving loan fund programs total more than $4 Million dollars, and have resulted in more than $15 million in loans to businesses within the District, leveraged other investments of more than $66 Million from private sources and helped to create or retain more than 2000 jobs.

SCTBDC funded more than $45 million in loans since being formed in 1982 and has helped to create or save more than 1200 jobs. The Organization began to transition to a statewide agency in 2007 with the assistance of a contractor. This calculated decision was made to reflect and take advantage of the inherent network and the relationship between SCTDD, SCTBDC, the State of Tennessee, and other economic development agencies across the state. We believe the successful team approach to serving industries that we are a part of, in the thirteen county District, can be duplicated in other areas of the state to facilitate an economic advantage when our goals are well aligned with the efforts of Tennessee’s highest office.

Recently, there has been an increased interest in attempting to utilize resources together to provide a competitive advantage with recruiting industry. It is our goal to be a catalyst for this movement. Visualize incentive programs at the local and state levels, Tax Increment Financing, and other economic development tools being used along with Government guaranteed lending programs and other forms of Non-Conventional lending assistance from non-depository institutions. SCTD is your source for sourcing your financial goals through multiple frameworks.


Meet the Organizations represented by SCTD

13CountiesSouth Central Tennessee Development District (SCTDD) is an association of 35 municipal and 13 county governments in southern middle Tennessee organized to advocate and promote economic and community development within the region.

SCTDD was founded in 1972 to assist its member local governments by providing technical assistance, planning, and general staff support and to help local governments and other groups develop projects and activities to benefit the communities and citizens of the region. The professional staff employed by SCTDD provides planning, coordination, and technical services for economic and community development, human resources, research and information.

SCTDD is governed by a 53-member Board of Directors, which delegates authority and policy-making on a day-to-day basis to a twenty-four member Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is comprised of thirteen county mayors, six municipal mayors, one state senator, one state representative, and three minority representatives.

The primary goals of the district are: to assist local governments in researching, obtaining, and administering federal and private funding; to promote and enhance the quality of life in South Central Tennessee; to develop jobs, upgrade the labor force and help raise the per capita income of the region’s citizens; to help promote a regional environment conducive to attracting and retaining industry and furthering economic growth; to assist in the formation of public policy for better transportation systems and infrastructure; to serve as a clearinghouse for member governments with information concerning federal, state, and local services available to assist in the solution of common problems; to identify needs and advocate services for the elderly population of the region; and, to foster intergovernmental relations between all branches of government.

The South Central Tennessee Development District (SCTDD) does not discriminate based on race, color or national origin in federal or state sponsored programs, pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d). This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Director of SCTDD, Jerry Mansfield



South Central Tennessee Business Development Corp. (SCTBDC) is a Certified Development Company (CDC) and is licensed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide financial assistance to small businesses under the 504 program.

SCTBDC was founded in 1982 and is governed by a nine (9) member board of directors that is elected by its members. Members must have background and expertise in commercial lending, economic, community or, workforce development, internal controls, financial risk management, legal issues relating to commercial lending and/or corporate governance. The organization contracts with SCTDD and IDS Corp. to provided managerial oversight of the agency’s day-to-day operations and staff to service the portfolio. In addition to being licensed by SBA to sell debentures under the SBA 504 Program, SCTBDC provides independent “Loan Review Committee” services for all the loan programs administered by SCTDD. SCTBDC meets no less than quarterly, as required by statute.

SCTBDC organizes an annual event to raise awareness about Non-Conventional financing alternatives in the South Central Tennessee area to promote its lending programs, provide a venue for recognition for service, and provide networking opportunities within the region.

CDC Manager, Eddie Fitzgerald



Independent Development Services Corp. (IDS) is the Lender Service Provider (LSP) for SCTBDC.

IDS Corp brings over 150 combined years of experience and expertise to customers of SCTDD and SCTBDC. IDS adds a regional perspective to our work. Through contractual agreements with locally licensed CDC’s, IDS Corporation is capable of coordinating 504 services in several states beyond Florida, including: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Maryland, Texas, Ohio, and New York; making SCTBDC the only logical choice for regional lenders that will be doing business in multiple states. IDS brings a national perspective through its leadership. Tom Wallace is a published author and has received several awards for his accomplishments in the field including the Timothy J. McDowell Leadership Award from the National Association of Development Companies (NADCO) and SBA’s Financial Services Champion Award for Florida. He was recently re-elected to the Board of Directors of National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL).

President, Tom Wallace


Some of the works of Mr. Wallace can be accessed below:

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