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504 Rate Update

504 July 2016 Rates


4.115% – 10 Year Debenture Effective Rate *

4.091% – 20 Year Debenture Effective Rate *


Through a Glass Darkly
With the U.K. headed out of the E.U. and holding a mirror up to us, their American cousins, through which can as of yet only see imperfectly to our own forthcoming elections, risk went off the menu and rates dropped like a stone.

Chart and Statistical Data is from September 2006 to July 2016

Debenture Rate 10 Year T-Note
Spread Over T-Note
July 2015
1.42% 0.62%
2.91% 0.82%
2.71% 0.64%
0.009635568 0.005666966
In asking “when will rates go up?”, perhaps we ask the wrong question?  What if “what is holding rates down?” is the question which should actually be asked?  In an economy which bears shocks and keeps growing, while effectively at full employment, it seems that inflation should be nascent.  Some research shows that certain aspects of the economy are experiencing inflation differently.  (Click Here to Read)  Are the initial strains of inflation visible, even through a glass darkly, but being masked in global sovereign rates by the consumer of last resort, the world’s major central banks?  (Click Here to Read) These are somewhat philosophical questions, over which, some will lose sleep.  Running a successful small business provides enough challenges both philosophical and practical, to a good night’s rest that it seems reasonable to take this one off the table.

Take the 504’s twenty year fixed rate and fully amortizing loan structure; take sleepless nights off the table.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business

* Note: Rates are subject to credit determination & auction pricing. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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